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  • Safe for Sensitive Skin

    LUXYCTOUCH items are made from solid 925 sterling silver which is made up of 92.5% pure silver precious metal & other 7.5% is copper pure element - which both are hypoallergenic. This is why people with sensitive skin can wear our jewellery safely.

  • Waterproof Bling!

    Our jewellery is water-resistant because nobody wants green fingers (or necks, right?)! Wear your jewellery all day everyday, no matter what you are doing, the LUXYCTOUCH jewels will not turn your skin green! To keep your sterling silver pieces shiny we recommend using a special silver jewellery cloth to clean & polish it.

  • Flawless Diamond Look

    LUXYCTOUCH jewellery are made with long lasting, high quality (mostly 5A grade) Cubic Zirconia stones, which are diamond simulants. Extra sparkly, durable & affordable!

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Our jewellery are made from solid Sterling Silver and the stones are simulants to mimic diamonds, they are high quality Cubic Zirconia. The LUXY jewels are totally water resistant. However, we suggest to keep your silver pieces away from extreme humidity, any harsh chemicals (such as perfume, sulphur, chlorine or hairspray) to prevent oxidisation of the silver. Store your jewellery in an airtight container when they are not worn. 925 sterling silver will not change colour but silver can go darker - this can be repolished with a silver polishing cloth.

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